Silk Lash Kit [kirpik_set]

Silk Lash Kit [kirpik_set]

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3 MONTHS PROOF OF NATURAL SILK eyelashes beauty industry booming world are proud to share with you this amazing system. This particular system of arbitrary length lashes, will be the desired amplitude and extremely natural looking.

material is made of extremely soft and lightweight silk lashes. Your customers will not feel any discomfort at the end of transaction, and therefore the excess. Special welding thin and very fast drying adhesive is extremely robust and each other to create an elegant eyelashes. With monthly maintenance

your company will save the additional higher income and permanent customers. This set of materials içerir.Kişi yeticek application period is variable between 200 and 400 people, the reason that everyone needs to add the pieces of silk eyelash eyelash 50-60 olmamasındandır.Kimi Some say barely sufficient enough by customer 30 lashes. Anlanımı easy and practical training CD in the set are weighted. WHY IS RESISTANT TO

2-3 MONTHS? - Periods of 2-3 months per 1 er 2 lashes normally poured into evil, depending on the location of each eyelash perioda bırakmaktadır.Bu young lashes eyelashes added that this particular natural exfoliation treatments circuit dökülmektedir.Aylık just the way it is with them that spilled eyelashes dökülmektedir.Kirpiklerimiz this special silk lashes lashes instead of adding space to the young so perfect olmaktadırki eksiltmemiş oluruz.Sonuç client never want to use mascara.

  • private individual line 6000 DIV (8mm) silk eyelashes
  • private individual line 6000 DIV (10mm) silk eyelashes
  • private individual line 6000 DIV (12mm) silk eyelashes Special hypoallergenic adhesive 10ml source
  • DIV (Large Ultra Plush Dayanıklılardan 3M.) Brine eyelash remover
  • 15mL DIV. (the world's highest quality sökücülerinden.) Fat-free and alcohol-free make-up remover bottle
  • DIV. (Stock availability may vary by brand, model.)
  • eyelash brush DIV Drier air pump
  • DIV Lash
  • six band DIV in the form of rings or adhesive holders 10pcs
  • DIV (Round jade stone)
  • DIV quality cutting scissors
  • DIV pliers tweezers Eyelash separation. Installing the tweezers Eyelash
  • DIV (pointed end) Large hands-on training CD
  • DIV
  • DIV alimiyum very handy makeup bag (color change

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