Refectocil Eyebrow Eyelash Paints

Refectocil Eyebrow Eyelash Paints

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Simple and reliable use, short waiting time and best color results. The herbal formula developed only for eyebrow and eyelash dyeing performs color changing without damaging ...

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Simple and reliable use, short waiting time and best color results. The herbal formula developed only for eyebrow and eyelash dyeing performs color changing without damaging the sensitive area around the eyes.

Ideal for completely covering whites, breaking colors or adding shine / shine.

It prevents the eyebrows and eyelashes from falling out.

Creates eyebrows that are fully compatible with your hair color.

It provides effective looks and a balanced appearance.

It is permanent for 6 weeks, it maintains its vitality on the first day without flowing for a long time.

60 applications can be made with one tube of paint.

It is effective in terms of proliferation and growth by nourishing eyebrows and eyelashes.

The paint that catches the eye during painting or waiting can burn the eye, but RefectoCil's herbal ingredients do not harm the eyes in any way.

RefectoCil Eyelash and Eyebrow Dye is not suitable to lighten color, it is designed to darken the existing color, you need to use RefectoCil Brow opener to lighten your eyebrow color. Includes 1 application bar.


To color light colored lashes; you can paint the ends fading due to the sun and water. If you will make light colored brows clear; you can adapt the brightness and color tone of the eyebrow color to the color of the hair.

1 - Dark Black: It paints every color hair to dark black.

1.1 - Gray: Ideal for covering wrinkled / white hair.

2 - Blue Black: Provides reflection for blue glow.

2.1 - Dark Blue: It is effective only in light blond / yellow eyebrows and eyelashes.

3 - Coffee: It is very dark concealer.

3.1 - Light Brown: It is suitable for the desired colors between light brown and light yellow.

4 - Chestnut: Provides intense colors in brows and lashes between light brown and light yellow. (Do not mix with other colors)

4.1 - Red: Provides intense red in eyebrows and eyelashes from brown to light yellow, dark red in brows and eyelashes from brown to brown, red reflection in dark brown and darker eyebrows and eyelashes. For a clear red result in dark eyebrows and eyelashes, apply after refining with RefectoCil Brow Opener.


If available, clean eye makeup carefully, you can use RefectoCil Makeup Remover.

Eyelashes and eyebrows should be dry and oil-free to achieve the ideal color.


Mix 2cm of paint and 10 drops of RefectoCil Liquid Oxidant or 15-20 drops of RefectoCil Cream Oxidant in a non-metal plastic container with the help of the application stick to form a creamy paste consistency.



Prepare 2 RefectoCil Skin Protective Papers. Apply RefectoCil Skin Protection Cream to the lower area of ​​your eye and under the protective paper (picture 1).

Place the eyelash papers on the bottom of the eyelashes to avoid getting paint on the skin (picture2).

After the eyes are closed, apply with the help of a paint stick until the eyelashes are completely covered with paint (picture 3).

After the waiting period, slowly remove the skin protective papers in the direction of the arrow (picture4).

Wipe off excess paint with a dry cotton swab and remove any remaining paint with damp cotton.

The paint should be applied to the lashes with eyes closed and should remain closed until clean.


Apply from the hair roots to the tips on the eyebrows. Waiting Time: Set according to the color chart. After the waiting period, wipe off excess paint with a dry cotton swab. If the paint comes in contact with the skin, you can clean the paint spots quickly and softly with RefectoCil Skin Cleanser. It should never be applied to the lashes and the skin around the eyes.

RefectoCil Colors |

1 - Black / Pure Black (Tief Schwarz) | 1.1 - Gray / Graphite (Graphit) | 2 - Blue Black / Blue Black (Blauschwartz) | 2.1 - Blue / Deep Blue (Tiefblau) | 3 - Dark Brown / Natural Brown (Natur Braun) | 3.1 - Light Brown / Light Brown (Licht Braun) | 4 - Chestnut / Chestnut (Kastanie) | 4.1 - Red / Red (Rot) | 5 - Purple / Violet (Violett) |

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