PlexR - Plazma Pen - Freckle Pen 001

PlexR - Plazma Pen - Freckle Pen 001

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Applications with Plexr:• Non-Surgical Eye...

Product Description

Applications with Plexr:
• Non-Surgical Eyelid Low Aesthetics

• Tightening-rejuvenation of under-eye and around-eye (crow's feet) streaks

“Xanthelasma”: yellow-orange color fat deposits on the eyelids

• Lines and Wrinkles on the Lip

• Ear wrinkles

Acne (acne)

Acne (acne) scars


• meat moles

• Spot Treatment (sun, old age etc.)

• Wound and Surgery scars

• Enlarged navel streaks around

Stria (crack)

• Puffy lesions from the skin (seborrheic keratoses, fatty cysts, swellings on the nose-like appearance (nasal papulloma), superficial moles, etc.)

• Stria (crack) Treatment

• Tattoo removal

How To Apply Plexr? The area to be treated is cleaned with antiseptic liquid. Generally, local anesthetic cream or solution is applied, approximately 20-30 minutes. The effectiveness of local anesthetic is increased by closing with transparent stretch film in eyelid applications. Local anesthetic injection can be performed in cases where local anesthetic applications are insufficient. How long does the plexr application take? It takes between 5 and 30 minutes after local anesthesia according to the size of the area to be treated. plex is

Is There Pain-Pain in Plexr Application?

During the application, pain-pain sensation is mostly not occured. There may be spots in the form of tiny brown dots after treatment, swelling lasting for a few days - edema (1-5 days) is common. A slight amount of heat may be felt during treatment. There may be a slight burning or tingling sensation after treatment. However, this feeling is not bothersome and can pass within 1 to 2 days. How Does Recovery Happen After Plexr Application? What Should Be Considered? There will be thin superficial crusts that last about 3-7 days in the application area, it is important to keep this area clean and dry. After the shells have shed, a light pink skin appears. This skin image is completely normal in a 2-4 week period and heals without any trace. Moisturizing product should not be used. Mineral makeup can be applied. The skin should not be exposed to too cold and too hot until the skin is healed. Alcohol-based cleaners should be avoided and the process area should be washed with pure soap (pH: baby soap or shampoo). After the procedure, it is necessary to use liquid foundation with sun protection factor. Thus, it protects from UV and helps to eliminate the thin crusts that may occur in the region during cleaning. In some people, we may need to use the epithelial (skin formation), antibiotic or steroid pomade we recommend to accelerate the recovery. . How many sessions is Plexr application and how long are the application intervals? Depending on the type of the lesion being treated, the session intervals are generally about 1-3 sessions, provided that they are 2-6 weeks. In acne and acne scars, it is about 3-8 sessions.

What Should Be The Post-Treatment Expectation?

Successful results and the number of sessions to be applied (1-3 sessions) may differ depending on the degree of looseness of the skin, size of the lesion, pre-existing medical problems, age. It varies depending on the drugs used, sun exposure, drinking less water), but it is about 2-5 years.

Conditions that cannot be applied:

* anticoagulant therapy (aspirin etc.)

* insufficient number of platelets (platelets)

* Pregnancy, breastfeeding

* in those with acute and chronic diseases

* autoimmune disease

* in the presence of skin cancer

* infection in the application area, open wound

* in skin diseases such as psoriasis, vitiligo, lichen planus

severe migraine

*Heart battery


* keloid / hypertrophic scar history

* eye infection

* conjunctivitis

* known local anesthetic allergy history

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