Gel System Set [JSET-SINA]

Gel System Set [JSET-SINA]

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Product Code: JSET-SINA
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JEL our set CONT...

Product Description

JEL our set CONTENT , a full set of gel system, our set of bags may vary the color and pattern.

  • SET CONTENT DIV UV Lamp 36watt Zamanayarlı
  • DIV French model type 100Adet
  • DIV Frame model type 100Adet
  • DIV Natural model type 100Adet
  • DIV Full Natural model type 100Adet
  • DIV Pink Gel 50g
  • 1Adet DIV French Gel 50g
  • 1Adet DIV Clear gel 50g
  • 1Adet DIV
  • DIV Gel Cleanser (cleanse) 60ml
  • DIV 100/180 Paper Rasp Banana <1Adet
  • DIV 180/180 Paper Rasp Bridge 1Adet
  • DIV 100/180 Zebra Rasp Flat 1Adet
  • DIV 100/180 Paper Rasp White 1Adet
    Template Nail Mould
  • DIV Gel Brush 2pcs
  • DIV Wooden Manicure Bar 4 items
  • DIV Manicure Brush
  • DIV
  • DIV Nail Glue (Glue Brush) Buffer
  • Rasp Orange 1Adet DIV Buffer
  • Rasp White 1Adet DIV Rasp Shine
  • 1Adet DIV Shine Top Coat UV varnish
  • DIV (Termoshield) 1Adet Premier Oil-Refining 1Adet
  • DIV Pure 70ml Nail
  • DIV (Cleansing, purifying Dehydrate germ.
  • DIV Cuticle Oil (Oil Cuticle Care) 1Adet Type Cutting Tool 1Adet
  • DIV Alimiyum
  • very handy bag DIV (Model colors may vary) Training CD
  • DIV set of false nails Gel system oem ..

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Gel System Set [JSET-SINA]