DR. PEN Skin Care Device - Laser A1 CHARGED

DR. PEN Skin Care Device - Laser A1 CHARGED

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Device Features:Brand / Model: Dr.Pen A7Warranty Period: 1 YearBody-Accent: Steel

Product Description

Device Features:

Brand / Model: Dr.Pen A7

Warranty Period: 1 Year

Body-Accent: Steel

Speed: 1800 - 12000 Rpm (5 Stages)

Usage: Wired

Set Contents of the Device:

1 micro needling device

1 pc 110/220v adapter

1 device protection box

1 user manual

3 Pcs 9-12-36 Pin needle cartridges

Usage areas:

- In acne and dry acne scars,

- Skin spots and blackheads,

- Wrinkle and anti-aging applications,

- Under-eye bags and bruises,

- In removing sagging and tightening the skin,

- In cellulite, stretch marks and birthmarks,

- Bbglow permanent foundation applications,

- In hair and eyebrow serums,

Dermapen Usage:

Plug the power cable into the socket on the back of the device. Insert the 1,3,12 or 36 pin needle cartridge you want to use on the head of the device and turn it slightly clockwise. Make sure that the needle is fully seated while turning. Adjust the needle size setting just above the attached needle cap to the appropriate needle length for the session you want to do. For example; if the needle length is set to 2.00mm, the needles should protrude 2.00mm.

When the power button is pressed for a long time, the device starts to work and when it is pressed for a long time, the device stops working. Again, with the help of the on-off button of the device, 5-stage speed adjustment can be made.

Things to pay attention:

It should not be used in areas with open wounds.

It should not be used on active acne.

It should not be used in people with eczema.

It should not be used in infected persons.

It should not be used in people with blood clotting problems.

If the needle cartridge is damaged or broken, please do not use it.

Dermapen needles should be personal, do not use the same needle for different people.

Clean the Dermapen needle with a disinfectant spray before and after each use.

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