Air brush - Ombre Machine009

Air brush - Ombre Machine009

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New Oxygen Injector Home Handheld LCD Display Rechargeable Nano Water Supply Meter High Pressure Water Oxygen Meter


1. Small and practical mini air compressor, portable light and easy to carry.

2. Needle nozzle, wide spray, action trigger for easy and accurate spray.

3. Action trigger design saves raw materials and practical.

4. Made of quality material, comfortable to use and won't spurt.

5. Large capacity watering can, easy liquid filling and easy cleaning.

6. Equipped with a soft pad, it is stable and helps reduce noise.

7. Easy liquid filling and easy cleaning.

Airbrush for model making, cupcake decorations, camouflage, tattoos nail art, etc. Outline.

9. Suitable for fine art, nail art, temporary tattoo, cake decorating, hobbies, etc.

10. It can also be used to inject replenishing water, water and oxygen into your skin.

11. Widely used by general model enthusiasts.


Product name: oxygen injector

Input voltage: 5V-1A

Output voltage: 3.7V-2A

Color: retro green/pearl white

Rated power: 5W

Size: 200*48*150mm

Packing list:

1 * Host

1 * Airbrush

1 * aluminum cup 8ml watering can,

1 * plastic watering bottle 20ml

1 * plastic watering bottle 40ml,

1 * type-c charging cable

1 * instruction

1 * certificate

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