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    Wax and Sir Boiler (Wax heater)

    Price:  183.32TL

    WAX HEATER - SiR BOILER , 2 YEAR WARRANTY. ---------- All specially designed for the preparation of canned heating ağda'ların sir. ------------ All housewives, working ladies, men with feathers and hair problems, Amateurs, ladies hairdresser, men's hair salon and barber, hair removal centers, beauty salons --------- network instead of-use hot water to dissolve the machine, stove-top cooking, or use such methods on the network can heat up more or less. Less heat you use, it will not heat the secret properties are lost and no property ağda'nın sir. However, with canning wax heater makine'si set the desired temperature setting, even after over hours or even days never to be lost on the network, and the property remains always the same consistency. ----------- wax heater machine features preserved and tablets * 2 year warranty certificate. * If the fault is not repaired the same day with a new opportunity to change * CE international quality standard production and proof of this is * Extra dish with the ability to use a wax tablet * Special thanks to resistance, less power consumption * All canned sir ağdalara guarantee compatibility with commercially available * The user's discretion temperature adjustability * Under the PVC non-slip feet Feature a lightweight design for easy to carry * * Space saving small design * TSE certified power cord. Why wax? ----------------- Lemon, coffee pot, as you prepare to get rid of actions that are difficult to use. The mixture does. Others, such as ağdalar hurts. Does not irritate the skin Massages the skin, stimulates skin cells. Ensures that the hair does seyrelip used continuously over time. Hygienic. You do not need a shower before and after. Brightness visibly used in the region. Get rid of the remnants of the network with the network after the cleansing oil, you'll be both skin care Our job is to wax and machines, we are professionals in this business and just doing the job. WAX HEATER, WAX MACHINE, MACHINE SiR, SiR HEATER, SiR AND WAX HEATER, WAX, WAX, WAX, WAX HEATER , MANICURE AND PROFESSIONAL ELECTRIC HEATER FOR PEDİKÜRCÜLAR
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