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    Foot Detox Machine - two people at the same time

    Price:  73.32TL

    Ionic Foot Detox Device Clense two units NEW!

    Couples is the unit - two people can simultaneously use

    negative , positive ion detox device scan .

    is a digital display

    5 -mode operation system available .

    supplied to the device used by attaching waistband internal organs heats and melts the fat in the abdominal region .

    Bag Contents

    Ion Cleanse Detox Device

    2 pcs Array ( Lead )

    2 Piece Waist Belt

    2 Piece Bracelet

    Original User Manual ( English)

    ************************************** Why should

    detoxing ?

    Do we need to get rid of Toxins ?

    Our bodies need to detoxify itself every day and it makes naturally . However, the toxins can not be excreted from the body in fatty tissues , joints , muscles, and is stored in the brain . These toxins can clog cell membrane walls , the fulfillment of this condition necessary for normal cell function prevents the absorption of nutrients . Accordingly , over time, a reduction in resistance of the body weight loss occurs in lymphatic and immune system .

    Toxins are acidic and pH balance and weight loss because it reduces the pH of this reduction can be clearly seen in the link . Detox repeated balancing of the body , increasing the pH and helps increase energy levels . In 2003, the Nobel science prize gets two Japanese scientist 's invention , which is 100% natural and safe detox your body with toxins in the few sessions taken from the feet that astounded to see and why wake up groggy mornings the answer to what you see with your eyes you will . How Toxins accumulate


    in our drinking water , the food we eat , in the clothes we wear , in the houses we live in , the air we breathe and that we use in cosmetics heavy metals, minerals, synthetic chemicals , hormones, and even human and animal waste are available. Stress , trauma, malnutrition and life -style , disrupts the body's natural cycle . This disorder increases pollution levels in the body .



    the energy of your youth, or do you want to look 10 years younger ? Try detox ! A detox program , as a result of modern life, you purify your body of toxins accumulated , healthy habits will pave the way for . Spring cleaning for your body !

    smoking, alcohol , air pollution , stress, antibiotics and drugs, such as genetically modified foods can not count many factors leads to accumulation of toxins in our body . These toxins affect the layout of our bodies over time and joint pain, aging , weight, sugar is an invitation to many diseases like . Here are some sources of toxins ;

    Foods and Beverages: Transaction from the past ready foods, caffeinated beverages and snacks, sugary foods

    Air Pollution: exhaust fumes, cigarette smoke, fog consisting of smoke produced by burning coal and industrial

    Radiation: Computers , televisions and mobile phones

    Stress : The body 's nutrient absorption capacity , rest and repair itself prevents

    ourselves can not isolate in life , such as avoiding exposure to these toxins can also . However, the 2003 Nobel laureate SPA DETOX ION perfect device to get rid of these toxins is now possible thanks .

    Nobel Prize for chemistry in 2003 for his contributions to the discovery of the channels in the cell membrane , the American scientist Peter Agra and Roderick MacKinnon was given . Nobel Committee Chairman Bengt Norden, Peter Agree at the press conference , the discovery of water channels on the cell membrane and Roderick MacKinnon for cell membranes, the structural and mechanical studies has announced that the award-winning . Discoveries

    salts ( ions) and water transport into the cells was on the body , e.g. kidneys; primarily water recovered from urine , and producing electrical signals in nerve cells and stimulates the emission . Typically, the Nobel Prize who get tested and observed in the ten-year period , to be awarded this prize , despite high-level scientists , Agra , and Mackinnon 's work is based on only 5 years ago . This condition is very rare in the history of the Nobel Prize . This year's Nobel Prize , Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine has been awarded for research between the disciplines of modern science .

    century ago, scientists, people's private channels for transporting water to the body cells thought it was . However, in 1988 Peter aggrecan protein isolated from the cell membrane to prove that these doubts have disappeared . Nobel committee ; bacteria , plants and mammals, physiological and genetic studies of water channels in a series that opens the door to be a decisive findings , he said. Another type of the ion channel of the cell channel nervous system or muscles is very important for the function . Also in the nervous system can produce electrical signals to transmit messages . In 1998, Roderick MacKinnon , surprising all the research community to determine the spatial structure of the potassium channel has proved that it is possible . At the core of Ion spa detox devices are invented .

    Peter Agra, Northfield, Minnesota USA " also in 1949, was born. 1,974 years in Baltimore, USA at Johns Hopkins University Doctor of Medicine received a diploma . Now Baltimore, USA at Johns Hopkins University Biological Chemistry and Medicine is a professor .

    Roderick MacKinnon was born in 1956 , grew up in Burlington outside Boston . In 1982, Tufts Medical School, Boston received a degree as a medical doctor in the United States . Now in New York, USA, Rockefeller University, is a professor in the Molecular Neurobiology and Biophysics .

    SPA ION DETOX very easy to use device .

    a special container , filled with water and placed into the hands or feet , which should be used strictly customized to Array'l (electrode) devices are operated together . Located in our hands and feet after a certain period by more than 4000 channels (each of which is related to an organ in our body dots) that have accumulated in the cell wall toxin ( poison ) ingredients begin to emerge . Do you have cleaned your body in just 30 minutes .

    this purification method consisting of cell walls toxins ( poisonous) substances out of the body and ends with the disposal . 3 or 4 years after the first 14 sessions are extremely helpful in curing implementation .

    Detox applied to the hands or feet , physical and mental energy is a method used to raise . Detoxifies the body found in the skin layers . 2003 NOBEL PRIZE SPA DETOX ION device you can easily apply at home through detox sessions ;

    1 Any side effects from exposure to effective and safe treatment will have the opportunity .

    2 In addition, your metabolism is enhanced, the advent of auto- immune system , your body's resistance increases the risk of infection is reduced. Allows the regeneration of blood .

    3 Your memory is strengthened , urinary control is easier , body pH is balanced. Headache, rheumatism and so on. pain is alleviated .

    4 Can lower blood sugar , cholesterol and blood pressure can stabilize . Arthritis, gout, allow the detection of diseases such as rheumatism .

    5 The body holds less water , weight control easier. Can reduce hair loss , acne and helps to eliminate skin problems .

    6 Negative ions can balance the endocrine system through , the normal operation of all systems and organs , it supplies creates a shield to our health .

    waste concrete results arising from the color of the detox organ which is the accumulation of toxins in our intensive detoxification can see from the Color Table .


    1) the device on a flat surface ( table, table etc.) put on the heater belt, wristbands and the array into the device .

    2) Insert the plug into the wall outlet .

    3) Put into water Arrau , connect the wristband on your wrist tightly , this region is slightly damp and tightly sure you stay in contact with skin .

    4) to select the appropriate mode , press the MODE section , then select direct mode .


    ( + ) : positive ( - ) : negative

    mode 1: 70% ( +) 30% ( -) ( For many people, this mode is recommended . )

    mode 2: 100% (+)

    mode 3 : 100% (-)

    mode 4 : 15 min ( + ) 10 min ( - ) for 5 minutes ( + )

    mode 5: 10 min ( - ) 15 min ( + ) 5 minutes

    ( - ) Time ( +) and ( - ) set by means of keys is usually set to 30 minutes .

    to start cleaning the "START" button.

    5) to start the detox cleansing water, put your feet up .

    6) When you want to stop the device the "STOP " button you can press .

    7) waist belt to warm the internal organs and is to burn fat in the abdominal region . " Infrared " button and you can activate , A - B - C mode with increasing temperature , can be reduced.

    8) Hygiene is very important in all circumstances . When using the device that you put your feet into the container spend large plastic bag to use water to put into it , after finishing the operation of goods and gloves to do with the cleanliness of the electrode is highly recommended. The resulting water is important to avoid contact with the skin .


    - Water quality conditions vary according to different countries and regions . A piece of electrical current to activate the add salt . Affects the ion conductivity of the water and determines the quality of detoxification . Panel shows below 0.8 amps , this would be adding salt to the water can increase the conductivity of the water . But the longevity of the machine and to be array , to avoid adding more salt .

    between 12 and 18 is the normal current image , the interval is between 1.2 and 1.8 amps . If down from the current 12 volts , easily measured effects and leads to warming .

    - although it is striking changes in water color , water color only issued pursuant to any provision is not very important . Some waters do not change color , and it is not always an indicator of the energy is produced and been unable to produce . In one embodiment that may be present in the water is the best indicator of the container located above the water level is a fatty substance . Generally release of the skin's outer layer contains additives . After application, the application sees another indicator color changes in a person's urine can be found.

    - on the device , White foam indicates mucous from lymph system . White cheese like particles indicates probable yeast . Black spots , heavy metals shows . Red spots , blood clots shows the agent .

    - Physical better balanced and loaded to the normal detoxification channels ( kidneys, colon and liver , etc.) that can become better through detox . In units of water , salt and metal ions interact to form . These ions found in tap water and filtered water is also included as toxins , neutralize everything they come into contact . Depending on geographical location , in water about 20% of what you see "Si - 40 % " I and the rest of the waste materials in the water 60 % - 80 % comes from the body of the applicator . The detoxification is not with the degree of color change in the water are determined by improvement in symptoms . Some waters do not change color [ this is related to the geographical area ] and that's always been produced energy is not an indicator . Some geographic areas may change color in water, even without body parts . Body parts water without color changes , which are common in that area relates to the combination of industrial and chemical contaminants .

    * Overall ;

    - Green foods, immune system, especially the liver and gallbladder are nutritious .

    - Red foods, as well as pituitary gland, small intestine, heart and endocrine system as it is nutritious .

    - Orange foods are nutritious joints .

    - Yellow foods, spleen, stomach, and pancreatic digestive system such as a feeder.

    - Yellow - green foods , kidney, urine, urinary tract , bladder , prostate nutritious.

    - Brown foods are nutritious liver .

    - White foods, respiratory system, namely the lungs, thick large intestine, lymphatic system and skin nutritious.

    - Black foods, circulatory system, kidneys, liver , gall bladder and urinary tract nutritious.


    Q: Why should we do to detox ?

    A: They remain Every day we are exposed to many harmful substances . For example, we eat meat found in harmful hormones and various antibiotics, vegetables and fruits, the outer surfaces of the many harmful drug and poison residues, our offices and our homes we use a lot of material is well located and " methanal called" radioactive materials, we use electrical devices generate electromagnetic fields , respiratory exhaust gases entering our system , industrial powders, directly affect human health . As a result of these factors moved to permanent damage to various organs in the body or allergic conditions are creating a negative impact on our health . Only the body through detoxification can be described as waste removing these harmful substances , we can unravel our health . primarily vital organs of our body

    high clears toxins and cleanse the toxins can not store them in remote areas . The higher the level of toxins in the body, our health suffers. These toxins can damage our digestive system and energy production , weakens our immune system and cancer diseases caused by the degeneration of the body's own structures can cause .

    Q: How many Usually we can see the effect of use of the device after ?

    C: As known, the living conditions of every person , but are not the same , the number of these harmful substances and the exposure time varies directly . Accordingly, the effect of the appliance after use average 6-8 is expected.

    Q: Is there any side effects of the device ?

    C: After long research as a result of oral drugs on human kidney, stomach and intestinal tract that affects only SPA detox unit's owner comply with the requirements in the case that America was introduced in " Life ERL " technology any side effects There is no certificate received . Drug detoxification program adapts to the elements , many users and their relatives and friends of the body clean and healthy is increasingly reported .

    Q: Does Detox leads to loss of any nutrients ?

    C : Body as a whole system works , when needs the body retains nutrients , absorb and supply provides the necessary organs . Referring to the system of the body, it does not need to waste . As a result of this system throw this waste from the body part.

    Q: I regularly saw him leave little toxin as a result of a cure , it is very healthy Does that mean I am ? Ion Should I stop cleaning ?

    A: No . We can not stop the new toxins enter our body , again after a 30-day practice should be continued . Because ion detox spa does not only keep you healthy but also makes it more beautiful .

    Q: How long does it Impact ?

    C: Results depend on your lifestyle . Initially, two or three times a week . ( not more than 3 times a week ) Then once a month or once every three months, recommend protective sessions .

    Q: change the color of the water is what they actually mean ?

    C: Some people see things in the water taken directly out toxins from your body , but argue that occur in water most of the things you see that are directly associated with water use . If Ion spa detox machine without body parts in a container if you have the opportunity to run in the water can easily test it yourself as well . Probably quite a striking color change, you will see that occur ( some waters still does not change color , even if your feet in the water ) . Water also affects people who use the water will look like , so even when using the same source of water , the water looks extremely among individuals may be subject to change . Ion cleansing is the energy source .

    water is concerned, these small particles are removed and the water image becomes observable . This will cause the water to appear more dirty brown . Of course, how dirty the water is , how much sediment in the water about what is real is . To see this principle when you test a bucket of water ( in the water will not be any body part ) , how dirty it actually becomes water from the same source every time you use a new bucket of water will be the same . If this test again with a different person at a time , but when you try things that water can be surprisingly different . Water sometimes even dirty , sometimes even cleaner.

    everyone's energy is different for absorb'l capability of water to the reaction will be different. Please note that " good health " better energy capability, " poor health" form of energy is not very good .

    Q: Is there any significance to the water temperature ? What is the appropriate temperature ?

    A: There is no any specific temperature . 're Comfortable temperature is appropriate. Typically 40 C is recommended. This temperature was observed to be more active molecules ionized . Also 40 C in an optimal condition of the pores in human skin have been observed .

    Q: Water color matter?

    A: According to our own experience color varies from person to person . However, people see the impact they 're more useful is an indication that detoxify and to pre-register for subsequent applications have continued .

    Q: What is the significance of each color separately ?

    C: the chemistry of our bodies to ensure a balanced intake of food is very important different color . Each color has a value of chemical and chemical . Chemical components of food , acid - alkaline balance contributes .

    Q: What is the black spots in the water , and they come from?

    C: Black spots :

    ( a) in the center of the assembly resulting from zinc bar metals.

    (b) in the water itself , due to the heavy metal ions .

    (c ) Implementing metal ions in the body due to come out .

    Q: How can you say that the metal came from ?

    A: Sometimes I can not say that metal came from . However, many in water (20 " Over ) black spots when they came out from the body of the practitioner can be absolutely sure .

    Q: Ion detox machine with a spa which we are able to treat diseases or conditions ?

    C: Ion spa detox machine does not cure any condition or disease , or not treated. Draws out toxins from the body . Person 's problem , solve ion cleaning causes a toxic accumulation , this can be reduced through detoxification , but are not treated as definitive . Claims can not be made because the results would not be known in advance . Ion detox machine with a spa detoxification in the above said range to give people a greater sense of wellbeing and helps them feel better about themselves .

    Q:There are different protocols for different situations ?

    A: Yes, but remember that we talk about detoxification and the balance of the prime meridian . Perifarik nörapati'l nerves and blood circulation function of a patient has suffered greatly . Its takes a longer time to detox , but not detox them feel more comfortable and probably slows down the progression of the disease . Some people , especially in life -style and they are willing to make changes in your diet can experience immediate relief .

    Q: Allopathic drug-treatedpatients can use this device ?

    A: Ion clean , lowering the blood drug level of withdrawal symptoms associated with these drugs has been shown to aggravate . Life supportive medication - pacemakers pacemaker or drug treatment , mental health treatment other than mild depression - sighted people detox is recommended to be done .

    Q: Can I practice every day ?

    C: Scientists have 2 or 3 times a week and I highly recommend making an application . Patients should be reduced prevalence in people . This is because , after the application of the body of unhealthy people " recovery " mode is that of entering themselves may feel lethargic or tired . In our experience , most people feel lethargic immediately after application and the benefits they have to see after a few days . The body will need some time to fully heal and for a few days or a subsequent application until you feel they should not be completely healed .

    Q: During use of the device is getting itching in some people . Why ?

    C: during the polarity change of the electrons is usually the case , some people feel the itch .

    Q: What hours are more convenient to use .

    A: There is no any special time of use , you can use any time of day . 2 hours after meals , but it is recommended to use immediately after or sport .

    Q: How much time should I practice for ?

    A: blood in adult body of a full rotation of the cycle lasts about 20 minutes . So the machine for less than 20 minutes will not stay but useful in any way , will not be harmful . This cycle is recommended for children less and the number of applications reflects it . Adult full 30 minutes , the children are applied for 15 minutes . Should not be used in children under 5 years of age .

    Q: Detox 's about what evidence do you have that treatment ?

    C : The machine does not cure anything . It is only your body , stimulate self- detoxification rebalance the bio- energy field is a machine . Electro- magnetic fields are balanced body organs will work better naturally .

    Q: How may I notice from such developments ?

    C: - lung , liver and kidney functioning are put in order ,

    - General regulation of blood circulation and metabolism ,

    - joint inflammation ( arthritis ) complained to the decrease of

    - How to Eliminate Headaches and migraine ,

    - faster healing of skin problems ,

    - to detoksifikasyonu mercury and heavy metals ,

    - all to improve and balance the body's health ,

    - helps to reduce menstrual pain .

    Q: Will there be restrictions on my activity after treatment ?

    A: No, it will not be your everyday business can continue as usual . The most common adverse effects are experienced , fatigue is felt immediately after application and benefits is felt in the next few days .

    Q: What are the situations App don'ts ?

    C: Ionic detox and cleansing ions , is safe for many people . However, application should be made to the following persons Detox .

    - people with pacemakers , heart transplant patients .

    - for Organ transplant recipients .

    - Blood -thinning drug users .

    - Epilepsy patients .

    - Hemophilia patients .

    - currently undergoing chemotherapy, radiotherapy, or any persons ,

    - people with blood cancers

    - during pregnancy (or during pregnancy is suspected ) , lactating women

    - those with febrile illness

    - Still ongoing treatment of people who are or will

    - Psychological treated and people who use drugs

    - people with Type 1 diabetes ( insulin users )

    - people with open wounds on their feet

    - children under 5 years ...

    Q: Will I need special training ?

    C: according to our own ideas of these systems do not need any special training to operate . All instructions are provided with each unit . However, the " Education" suggesting that there were some organizations believe that it is unnecessary . This specialist units as well as private individuals as well as families and individuals can buy and use .

    Q: Array 's (electrode) What is life ?

    C: Ionic detox array of device (electrode) 30 min. corresponds to the number of user sessions are 15-20 times . Maximum of 10 hours must be used. Only rust formation and long-term use will cause a real place you are detoxifying .

    Q: why using lightly tickle people feel ? Damage to theskin of the feet ?

    A: Energy -producing electrolysis makes a mild stimulating effect against the skin , only a small number of people may feel a little tickle , this is a normal thing . According to the results of laboratory research electrolysis energy density of the coating can be installed in the energy range of our skin , our skin does not hurt , even if used for a long time .

    Q: Can I usemenstruating women ?

    A: Yes , you can.

    Q: After treatment, I give up my Activity ?

    A: No, as usual, you can go to your daily work life . We have experienced the most common side effect is felt to be tired after treatment in a few days you will be feeling the benefits .

    Q: Ion cleaning machine Can be used after the surgery ?

    C: Patients at least six weeks after it has healed can use .

    Q: Our Feet Do we live an electric shock when you touch device ?

    C: Your foot will not have an electric shock when you touch device , there is no danger . Machine has automatic protection measures , ie do not harm our body . In water over the range of electric safety and operation will stop when the power is removed .

    Q: SPA detox foot sweating and dermatophytosis of the disease is said to be therapeutic effect . Is that true?

    A: Yes it is true .


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