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    This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 05 December, 2017.

    Electric Roller Face Lift Machine

    Price:  599.98TL

    Electric Roller Face Lift Machine For Wrinkle Removal Facial Trainer Kit Pro Facial Toning Device Face wrinkle removal Massager


    1, pressing the switch at the machine opens up the machine to send a sound, the blue LED is on, a small sub-section 5, on behalf of five stalls.

    2, after use, press the switch, turn off the machine, the machine sinking sound uttered, blue lights off.

    3. When charging, the machine sound uttered rise (not continuous ring), the blue indicator light up sequentially from left to right; when fully charged, the blue LED will light up.

    The main features:

    A reduction in fine lines and wrinkles

    2 replenish skin moisture, making the skin more smooth

    3 to reduce puffiness and swelling

    4 visible firming and contouring to make sagging skin reduction

    5 pores

    6 reduce blackheads and acne

    7 to reduce scarring and depression

    8 to reduce dark circles and bags under the eyes

    9 reduce the symptoms of eczema, rosacea and melasma


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