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    This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 28 October, 2017.

    Cilt Bakım Cihazı - İyonik-Foton-Sonic

    Price:  500.00TL

    I-PH-S (Ionic-Photon-Sonic) three internationally recognized skin care technologies using the most effective:

    You can use the physical, ion, power light, ultrasonic and a collection of small portable thin instruments, you can use To stimulate energy without harm and stimulate the skin's own, the micro-circulation of the body of cells for the body so that the organization can speed up and improve and promote metabolic capacity, so the skin young state.

    1.3 Mhz Ultrasonic Functions:

    You can change the capacity and movement of each cell with the precise massage function called cells massage. it can stimulate and adjust the cytomembrane, enhance the permeability of the epidermis, its thermal, physical and the chemical effects can come from the temperature deep skin by 0.5-1 ° C, encouraging the essences absorbe skin, accelerate metabolism and strengthen the regenerative course of the tissue. ultrasonic separating waste oil also dissolves, consumes energy, repair lymph and capillaries weight loss and figure sculpting functions.

    2. Photon Blue / Red / Green light Functions: different light functions are the following: (Red and Blue light is the standard product, but other different light can can be made as customer's special requirment)

    bio Red Light: wavelength is 625 ± 3nm (16 LEDS): red light penetration is 8-10mm is suitable for any type skin; you can reach the derma to stimulate the fiber cells. heating to increase blood circulation and collagen albumin hyperplasia reduce wrinkles and make skin more elastic and smooth. is suitable for light wavelength surrounding eyes and forehead.

    Bio Blue Light: wavelength of 3nm (16 LEDs): about 0.5mm penetration blue light function against sedative and skin rashes; suitable for skin, with delicate oily and skin rashes. you can adjust this skin sebum secretion, whelk to get rid of acne effectively and achieve the goal of beautification. also, blue light astringe and loose skin can be squeezed.

    Bio Green Light: wavelength is ± 3nm (16 LEDs): has neutralizing effects, balancing and tranquilizer, o to investigate the lymph and useful in edema elimination, which can reduce stress.

    BioYellow light (wavelength: 592 nm) (16 LEDS) peneration yellow light slightly longer


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