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    Bipolar RF Radio Frequency Mesotherapy No-needle Beauty Machine

    Price:  2,315.78TL

    Bipolar RF Radio Frequency Mesotherapy No-needle Beauty Machine


    1. Immediate effect: Collagen contraction immediately , skin firming

    2. Long-term effects: Collagen reconstruction and rebirth; wrinkle reduction, skin smooth and elastictry, appear younger state

    3. Safe and easy to operate

    4. The applicators can unlimited use in lifetime, low cost of treatment

    5. It can automatically control the energy release, and adjustable rate. The applicator cana leave skin then treatment, won't damage the skin 6. The operating frequency of the device has no excitement and stimulation on the nerves and muscles.



    Electroporation is a cosmetic method that can inject collagen without injections. manufacturing space between cells in a short time, designed in a painless way, transmit the necessary ingredients directly to the dermis and subcutaneous tissue.


    In the Europe, without injection is very popular. Its feature is the super penetration. No-needle penetration, from the skin surface to 1mm, is 10 times higher than the inon penetrasion. to 4 mm deep is about 27 times, can make the active ingredients into the skin, so it can play the highest and actually experience a rejuvenation effect.

    RF(radio frequency):

    PF is the core technology of constant skin temperature and RF electric wave deep heating, ensuring comfort skin from damage, and then use radio wawves to create heat conduction, precisely direct to skin deep, stimulating the body ions, charged colloidal particles produce fast-moving or vibration, friction generates heat, while heating dermal collagen tissue under the action of organic molecules resonance technology. When the deep temperature of the skin collagen reaches 45-60 degree, naturally occuriring immediatlycontraction, stimulate and secrete more collagen to fill the atrophy and loss lacuna of collagen, re-arrange and rebuild the skin soft stents, finally achieve skin firming, wrinkles smoothing, skin elasticity restoring and luster effects.


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